Get In Touch…

Hi, if you want to get in touch with the design studio for any reason at all, be it to discuss a potential work placement, commission or collaboration then drop us a line on 07446004449 or send a message to



7 responses to “Get In Touch…

  1. Bob Turner

    Drop me a line if you ever want any 3d work done for your designs. I live in Felling, so not that far away.

  2. Hi Kate,

    I seen your talk that you gave at Abercrombies as part of Design Event. I took some photo’s and just wanted to get your permission to write about it on my blog! Hope this is ok?

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Sarah xx

  3. priyanka

    hii kate
    i really like your work. basically the way you had explored in terms of colors and composition i amazed seeing that.

  4. Roche frederic

    I just want a wallpaper to decor my room
    How can i get it
    Do you send to france ?
    How does it coast for 30 x 400cm?
    Thank you for answer

    • kateusher

      Many Apologies Roche,

      I have not logged into wordpress for some time, and for some reason I hadn’t been notified about your comment. I’m sorry if the opportunity has passed and you are no longer looking for wallpaper. For you information, we do send to France, each roll is printed to order and shipped anywhere in the world. However one 10 metre roll is the minimum order and costs £150.00GBP (plus shiping) Which particular design were you interested in?

      Kind Regards


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